Jul 192018

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New cabinet made and designed by a company in Italy especially for the Plerodienique movement.



Cabinet design has brass, pewter, and mother of pearl inlay.




Knee is inlaid with brass, pewter, and mother of pearl.

It took one week per leg to do the work. The curves and angles were very difficult.


oxidized tuning leads, had been improperly soldered and had rusted the underside of the musical comb

combs after rust removal, leads properly installed, comb tuned and new dampers installed

before restoration

before disassembly

before picture of motor

after polishing and plating

before picture of governor

after picture of governor has been re-bushed and plated


first play after set up of combs and cylinders

after complete restoration.

beautiful motion shot of the motor assembly.

This rare music box took several months to complete and many thousands of dollars to complete.

The end result was amazing. Another example of restoration by Porter Music Box Company.

The joy on the customers faces when they heard it for the first time, made all the work very worthwhile