Mar 062013

We have been working on very unique Symphonion with a clock. It came to us with no start stop mechanism and with some help from friends we did get a picture of another one that is located in Texas! (Thanks Allen) and with those two pictures we were able to recreate it with all new parts that we were able to make in our tool shop.

We also built soundboards for this cabinet, as everything was ether broken of missing.

What makes this one unique is how it is powered. It has massive weight that measure 12 ½ long x 5 ½ wide x 3 ½ thick and weighs about 75 pounds. It connects to the winding arbor by a metal ribbon and when fully wound it will play for about 15 to 20 minutes.

The clock turns the music box on every second hour and can be turned off at night.

This just another example of what projects we can tackle here at Porter Music Box Company.