Jan 232019

Recently we restored a beautiful Swiss organocleide cylinder music box.

Here is a video of it playing prior to restoration.



The restoration process included cleaning, polish and lacquer all the parts. Heating the cylinder and re-cementing it.

The mainspring was removed checked for cracks, cleaned, reinstalled and re-lubricated.

Main spring next to the barrel

Spring in barrel next to winding clutch.











The governor was checked for wear and any worn bushings were replaced.

dirty governor just removed from bedplate

A new escape gear was manufactured and installed. Also the endless screw was repointed and polished.

cleaned governor

polished and assembled governor








The musical combs had their tuning recorded. They were then cleaned. Several broken tips were replaced. Three of the missing tips were on one comb as shown below. The arrows point to the missing tips. Wear was removed from all tips of the teeth. Then new wire dampers were installed.

The tuning scale was analyzed. Mistakes were corrected and all comb teeth were re-tuned to the correct scale.

The zither was recovered also and reinstalled.

click on image to enlarge.

The music unit was then assembled. The cylinder was checked for proper alignment.  The retuned and re-dampered combs were reinstalled. They were then adjusted for volume and synchronization.

Please listen to before and after the video. You will note a considerable difference.

The sound is now clear, rich and full.



We appreciate the opportunity to work our craftsmanship on such a fine instrument.


For a free estimate on music box restoration, please call 802-728-9694 and ask for Ron or Dwight.