Lets welcome in 2018 with some letters of recommendations.  We recently sent a email blast about our restoration work and here a couple of letters we used Harold Wade letter of recomendation 2017  bayernhof letter of recomendatin 2017  simple click on the link to read them.

If your antique Regina, Stella, Mira or any style cylinder music is in need of cleaning or even total restoration we are your one stop source for all your repair needs.

Our Reuge repair business is in full swing so if your old Reuge music box is not playing like new give me a call to discuss what we can do for your treasured Reuge music box.  We also have a large selection of new/old stock Reuge 18 note units and these we can sell to you without any cabinet, so if you are making a gift for someone and would like to make it extra special by adding a real Reuge musical unit we can help.

We have a new selection of imported cabinets from our friends in Italy and they should be in stock in May.  So stayed tuned for when they arrive as I’m sure they will sell quickly.

If you have any questions regarding any make of music box please call me and we can discuss what we can do for you.  Even if you just want to get a feel for its value I’m happy to help.  Oh yes if you are on Ebay and looking to purchase a music box and are not sure about it I can help guide you with your decision making.  (Always nice to know the right questions to ask the seller!)  It is a buyer beware market and if you are really not sure, just give me a call.  A happy music box owner is what we want you to be!

Happy collecting to everyone.


James Sault
Porter Music Box Co.

15 1/2″ Antique Regina Music Box with Mahogany Case

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15 1/2″ Antique Reginaphone Music Box with Oak Case

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15 1/2″ Porter Music Box with 12 Tubular Chimes

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